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About Kathaavali

Growing up listening to the enchanting stories told by grandparents, falling asleep with the bedtime stories, being loved and admired by parents at the childish attempts of story-making, the first library card, book

rents and exchanges, gifting & receiving books, hiding secret messages inside the books, storing that

special photograph or a flower or a leaf skeleton amongst the pages, escaping into a dreamland hugging 

a half-open book – we all have some ‘book’ stories to share and memories to cherish.


Through our little library, we want to rekindle the love for reading the paperbacks, help you re-live some of those special moments, add more to your stories and create memories for you.


If you love books, then we have already established a connection because Kathaavali is a place for all book lovers.


Thank you for joining our community. Let’s all help each other rediscover the Magic of Reading.

Kathaavali is not just a book rental service but also our tiny effort towards the causes we believe in - 'reduce,

reuse, and recycle', and therefore our small attempt in helping the planet. When you rent (and not buy a new book

for a one time read), you become a major element of this effort.


Also check our store for handmade art & crafts, handmade/upcycled/recycled products. We thank you in advance for being a part of our tiny attempt :)

How Kathaavali Works

Love Reading? But no time to head to the library? No worries. Rent a book from the comfort of your home/office

and get the book delivered to you.


To rent the next title, call or drop us a message, we’ll pick up the previous book and deliver your next book. 

Easy right? So go ahead and pick your book!

Reading Plans

Whether you are an occasional reader or a book dragon - we have reading plans that will suit every kind of reader.


There are ZERO reading charges on children’s books, we want the kids to read more!

Check our reading and membership plans below.

*One Time Registration Rs. 150/- only

No late fee charges

Doorstep delivery & pickup

* Want to try it first? *

Sure! Try our service today!*


I read sometimes

Rs. 200 / month

2 Books

*Refundable deposit Rs. 600


Oh! I loooove books

Rs. 300 / month

3 Books

*Refundable deposit Rs. 900


I devour books!

Rs. 500 / month

5 Books

*Refundable deposit Rs. 1500

Our Stack of L  ve

Here's what our amazing patrons are saying about us


Dr Deepa Patil

I came across this (Nostalgia) website. The intro message, the little shop, and the website itself is something that I would describe as 
Super focused - "to the point".

- Dr Deepa Patil

Screenshot 2020-12-05 at 8.50.33 PM.png

Albert D'Souza

I really loved the greeting cards. The print quality is perfect. Colors have come out really well. I loved them, especially the personalized message and the wrapping with ribbon. Loved them!

- Albert D'Souza



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